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group and individual coaching


Classes For All Fitness Levels

We are here for more than just making you sweat, lift, jump, and run. Our training staff is passionate about making your experience exciting and are trained to make adjustments tailored to your fitness level!

Group Classes

Looking for a new challenge in the next stage of your fitness journey? Our classes use a mixture of strength, endurance, and bodyweight training to improve your fitness!

Personal Training

Group classes aren’t for everyone! Personal training is great for the busy individual who wants to workout on their time or has unique fitness goals or taking their first step on improving their health.

Physical Therapy

Everyone should live pain free. Our goal at BearFitness is for you to feel better, look better and live better. We work with members and nonmembers who are currently in pain and not exercising or fixing issues holding you back from achieving the results you want!

Nutrition coaching

Nutrition is the foundation of health and fitness. If you struggle to stay on track or don’t know where to start, our 12-week nutrition program will give you the guidance you need to change habits that will last a lifetime. 


“There will always be a reason to start tomorrow, but you will never regret starting today. You have one body and too many people depend on that body, treat it with the love it deserves.”


“I refuse to “go gently into that good night” as I get older. I want to be physically fit and active for as long as I possibly can be.


It is about the people who are there with you every day.  From the coaches who train and push you to reach that goal of a new PR (personal record), to the other members who are always there to give you a high five after a workout.

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