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We are dedicated to empowering our clients to change their lives through constantly varied, results-focused training, engaged coaching, and a strong commitment to building a supportive and encouraging community!




  • Skill based quantifiable strength and conditioning program
  • Constantly varied functional movements such as Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, and gymnastics
  • 60 minutes of coach led class
  • 15-30 minutes of after class accessory work and mobility


  • Tone up and sweat with bodyweight and light weight strength and conditioning workouts!
  • Classes have group led warm-up, workout and cool down
  • 45-60 minute classes
  • No experience to start

Vicki B.

BearFitness is for everyone, the scaling options are brilliant & they work!  I had a shoulder injury when I first joined and struggled with so many movements. Today, it is a thrill to be able to get a kettlebell over my head.  A strict pull-up year one was a big accomplishment for this suburban housewife and mother of 2!

Travis H.

I started CrossFit about a year into my “get it” journey. CrossFit has brought back my competitive spirit and put me in a really good place mentally. Physically, I really believe I am in a good spot. With that being said I think you never should stop pushing yourself to get better, but I feel healthier than I ever have.

Sam M.

I forced myself to push through the excuses because I finally grew tired of delaying my own success with inconsistency.

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