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Day 1

5×3 Box Jump + Depth Drop
Pair w/ 20 Banded Pull-apart

Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes
complete 3 Back Squats
Choose following option based off sticking point:
• Add weight from last week
• 3 sec pause at bottom / 3 at top
• ¾ squat with 3-5 sec eccentric

5-10 Strict HSPU
5-10 Hanging Leg Raises
30-60 Sec. Hollow Hold
200M Sled Push

5×20 Sec Bike / 40 Sec Rest

Day 2

Segmented Snatch Pull 5×1
1”, Knee, High Hang – pause 2-3 seconds at each position, pull at high hang, approximately 80-100%
Pause 2-3 at hip, knee, 1”

Video and post on stmfc to ensure proper position,


30 Squat Cleans, 95/65 lbs
30 Pull-ups
Run, 800 m

Day 3

Split Jerk 5×3
5 second hold in Jerk

500m Row
15 Burpees
30 Double Unders

5×15+ Back Extensions
5×15+ GHD Sit-ups (slow and controlled)

Day 4

Snatch 5×3 @ 65-75%

Tempo Front Squats 5×3

A) 5+ Ring Muscle-up
B) 50’ Handstand Walk
C) 10+ Toes-2-Bar
D) 200M Run

200M Farmers Carry Lunge
*Every Break Perform 10 Push-Up

Day 5

2 Position Power Clean 5×2
Below Knee – Mid Thigh

Romanian Deadlift 5×10

:30 rest between each 800m
Workout Details: This is a classic cut down workout where the pace will get progressively faster every 800m interval. This is an easier workout. If you have a 6:30
mile or less you should be able to hold the paces. If your mile is slower, start at a comfortable pace.

Workout Pacing:
1st 800m: in 2:12/400m (or 33sec/100 pace)
2nd 800m: in 2:08/400m (or 32sec/100 pace)
3rd 800m: in 2:04/400m (or 31sec/100 pace)
4th 800m: in 2:00/400m (or 30sec/100 pace)
5th 800m: in 1:56/400m (or 29sec/100 pace)
6th 800m in 1:52/400m (or 28sec/100 pace)
7th 800m in 1:48/400m (or 27sec/100 pace)

Day 6

3 Person Team:
100 Burpee Box Jumps
100 Thrusters 135/93lb
100 Pull-ups
100 Wall Balls 20/14 to 10/9’
100 Cal Bike

One person works, one person pushes sled 100m. Men have 25 plate, one person rests.