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Baby got “back”

MONDAY- Upper Body
20/10: 8x
•Pull-ups/Ring Rows
•Flutter Kicks
•Weighted Plank
•DB Push Press

4x for Time:
400m Run
20: American Swings
10: Dips

No comment necessary

TUESDAY- Total Body Conditioning

E3MOM: 10x
10: med Ball Cleans
5: Burpees
5: DB Snatches
10: Cals on Rower

WEDNESDAY- Total Body Conditioning
Wall Balls
American Swings
*10/12: Cals on Bike after each set
1 mile or 800m for Time

Slamming through the week like…

4x for Time:
25m: Single Arm Overhead Lunge
10: Burps
25: Slam Balls
10: Goblets
25: Cals on Bike

Kill the Coaches

*show up*

“Are we done yet?”

SATURDAY- Total Body Conditioning
2X: count your reps/Cals
2 min Max Effort AMRAPS
•Med Ball Cleans
•Row for Cals
•Plate Pass Thrus
•Burpee BJ Hop Overs
•Pull-ups/3 sec Negatives
•Bike for Cals