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CrossFit Team Series
We will be changing the workout a bit so both partners are going at the same time but working on different movements.
On a 10-minute clock, for max reps/pounds:

Partner 1:

 0:00-2:00 Handstand push-ups
2:00-4:00 Rest
 4:00-6:00 Double-unders
6:00-8:00 Rest
8:00-10:00 1-rep-max back squat

Partner 2:
0:00-2:00 1-rep-max back squat
2:00-4:00 Rest
4:00-6:00 Double-unders
6:00-8:00 Rest
8:00-10:00 Handstand push-ups

At 15 Minutes

800M Sled Push/Drag  225/190lb
Cal Row  

Post total cals

Pigeon Pose
Child’s Complex, 1 Min Each