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Smiles for Tuesday!


CrossFit WOD
Skill:  In anticipation for the Open we will review dumbbell overhead walking lunges

Every 90 seconds for 9 Min
5 Deadlift + Choose option (5+ push-up, 5+ Ring Dip, 3+ RMU or BMU)
Make sure you have 30 seconds of rest or more

5 Heavy Dumbbell Snatch, on Rep 5 of Snatch, Perform 50ft Waiter Carry, repeat on other arm
5 Box Jumps (this is about an explosive hip, not height)
5 Dumbbell Split Squats (Each)

*  If the weight is too heavy for proper position during the waiters carry use a lighter weight. 

Outside After workout Accessory: 
2 Person Team for time:
50 tire flips
*Switch every 200m run.
If the tire is too heavy use a sandbag

2 Min Seated Straddle

2 Min Barbell Calf Mash