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Draggin through the week


CrossFit WOD

Front Squat 15 Min to Heavy 2

21-15-9-15-21 Reps for time:
Thruster 45/33lb
Box Jump 24/20”

After Workout Core Work:3x
10 Inchworm + Max Effort Plank
10 BB Rollout
10 Floor Lever
30 Sec Flutter Kick

Lizard Pose
Pigeon Pose
Preacher Box Stretch


E90secOM: 4x
30 seconds of DB Strict Press
30 seconds of Burpees

E90secOM: 4x
30 seconds of Strict Chin-Ups
30 seconds of American Swings

E90secOM: 4x
30 seconds of Push-Ups or Negatives
30 seconds of Slam Balls

1000m Row
–then 4 rounds–
20: Front/Side Lat Raises
40 second: Plank
200m Overhead Run