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CrossFit WOD

Ring Muscle Up work
Dip Strength work

Repeat for 25
3- 5 Hang Clean (Moderate to moderately heavy)
3-5 Box Jumps
30-30 sec of core strength opt:
• Chinese Plank
• Superman/arch hold
• Hollow hold or rocks

2 Min Barbell Calf Mash
1 min Hamstring Barbell Mash (on J cup)
2 Min Seated Straddle

Open accessory day (open gym)
10 minute row at light pace
½ Length monster walk
½ Length lateral walk
10 partner wall facing squats w/5 sec pause
10+ banded pull apart

6am and 5pm BodyFit Classes
10 DB/KB Single Leg RDL
10 Banded Pull-apart
10 Lateral Dumbbell Raises
1 Minute Plank

3 Rounds of:
20 Cal Row
20 Slam Balls