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Have you ever found yourself browsing the internet for the solution to your fitness goal? You find yourself looking at advertisements for pills that will boost your metabolism, quick 20-minute ab workout, or the new fad diet that will finally yield the results you’ve dreamed of achieving.

The truth is the magic pill is as real as Santa Clause — I know I am a real Grinch, aren’t I! The good news is the real solution for accomplishing your goal creates real happiness, not false hope.

So what is it? It’s consistently working hard at your goal. Yep, that’s it. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to work! You’re a great employee, parent, spouse, and you achieved that reputation from working hard at being good (or the best) every day. Sure sometimes you aren’t at your best, but you are consistently working hard at it. 

Alright, you closed your browser and stopped searching the internet, so what now?  Spend your time doing these following things:

1) Write down your goal. Ask yourself why it is important (I will tell you how come your “why” is important below).

 2) Set a deadline.

3) Track your progress, but more importantly, track your habits that will enable you to accomplish your goal. Your habits are the actions that will accomplish your goal! Download goal tracker

4) There will always be bumps in the road. Focus on the solutions, not the reasons you can’t accomplish your goal. Click to read the article or watch the video.

5) Stay determined when you’re not motivated by remembering why you want to achieve your goal. Your goal might be to lose 20lbs, but that isn’t your “why.” The “why” should be to feel confident and be able to run with your grandchildren someday. Click to read the article or watch the video.

6) Remember, change what you can and forget about the rest! Click to read the article or watch the video.

7) There is no magic pill. Work hard and be consistent and crush your goals!

Do these 7th things and you’ll accomplish your goal in 2020! Think about what you can accomplish next year. If you stay accountable and work hard, we promise you that you’ll 

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