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The face of holding in a fart

400m Run
40: Pull-ups/Ring Rows
40: Slam Ball Sit-ups

400m Run
40: American Swings
40: Slam Ball Oblique Twists

400m Run
40: Push-ups
40: Slam Ball Oblique Twists

400m Run
40: Plate Pass Thrus
40: Slam Ball Sit-ups

SWEAT Finisher:
*40: Plate Burpee Press’s*



“I just love getting my picture taken!”


100m: Goblet Lunges
20: Burpee Box Jump Hop Overs
30: DB Thrusters
20: Banded Pull Aparts

75m: Goblet Lunges
15: Burpee Box Jump Hop Overs
20: DB Thrusters
15: Banded Pull Aparts

50m: Goblet Lunges
10: Burpee Box Jump Hop Overs
10: DB Thrusters
10: Banded Pull Aparts



Just snacking while y’all sweat

•KB Goblet Squats
•DB Step-Ups
•Cals on Bike

100m: Sled Push



Raisin them right!


E2MOM: 8x
10: KB Goblet Squats
8/10: Cals on Bike

E2MOM: 8x
10: DB Cleans
10/12: Cals on Bike

SWEAT Finisher:
400m Run
50: Burpees
400m Run



Face down ass up that’s the way we like to…SWEAT


E90secOM: 4x
30 sec: Push-Up/Negatives
30 sec: American Swings

E90secOM: 4x
30 sec: Pull-ups/Ring Rows
30 sec: Burpee Bar Touch

E90secOM: 4x
30 sec: Plate Pass Thrus
30 sec: DB Snatches

800m Run
15: Bicep Curls
10: Tricep Dips
15: Slam Balls



Grandma’s kicking ass


SWEAT Team Challenge

2X: count your reps/Cals

2 min Max Effort AMRAPS
•Wall Balls
•Row for Cals
•Sandbag Squats
•Pull-ups/3 sec Negatives