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“I hope this workout doesn’t ruin my nails”

E2MOM: 5x
12: Goblet Squats
10/12: Cals on Bike 

E2MOM: 5x 
30: Plate Overhead Step-Ups 

E2MOM: 5x 
12: DB Cleans
12/15: Cals on Row

For a Time: 
100m: Overhead Walking Lunges
100: Sit-ups 


“Fuck these sleds”

Time Cap: 38 minute time cap 

800m Run
25: Burpees
25: Slam Balls
25: American Swings
400m Row
800m Run


Too cool for school

600m Row
500m Row
400m Row
300m Row
200m Row
100m Row

(completed after EACH row)

20: Wall Balls
15: Banded Pull Aparts
10: Plank Pikes
5: DB Strict Press/30 sec: handstand hold 

Finish with: 50 Burpees 


Someone didn’t want their picture taken…

4 Rounds
MINUTE 1: Pull-ups/Jumping Pull-ups
MINUTE 2: Straight Arm Sit-ups
MINUTE 3: DB Bicep Curls
MINUTE 4: KB American Swings
MINUTE 5: DB Strict Press
MINUTE 6: Burpees
MINUTE 7: Rest! 

12 minute AMRAP
400m Sprint
30 sec: Weighted Plank
30: Sit-up Slams (w/WB or Slam Ball) 


She’s not too sure if she wants to be friends


200m Sled Sprint

50: Goblet Squats
50: Sit-ups 

200m Sled Sprint

50: Suitcase Lunges
50: Oblique Twists

200m Sled Sprint

50: Bulgarian Split Squats (50 e/side)
50: Sit-ups 

200m Sled Sprint

50: Box Jumps
50: Oblique Twists

–50: Cals on Bike–


If you’re single and you know it wave your hand!


SWEAT Team Challenge

2 Rounds: Each Team record rounds after one full rotation, note your competition and try to beat them!!!!!

6 minute AMRAP
Row for Calories

6 minute AMRAP
8: DB Thrusters
6: Pull-ups or Ring Rows

6 minute AMRAP
10: Overhead Lunges
10: DB Snatches

Bonus Points: 2 minutes 
1 point for every sit-up