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Did you really need all that chalk…


Some of our BearFitness members are competing in a Powerlifting meet today! They have been working hard for this so be sure to go out and support them!!
Who:  Jennifer Hollanitsch, Nadia Battah, Cady Dueber, Amy Kaupp, Melissa Lasch, Samantha Hayes, and Jason
Where: Next Level Fitness- Farmington
When: 9am- 3pm

2 Person for Reps
5 Min Deadlift 205/153lb
5 Min Double Unders
5 Min Front Squat 115/73lb
5 Min Pull-ups (c2b)
5 Min 150’ Sled Push (empty)
5 Min Row for reps

Wall Straddle
Child’s Pose Complex (Front, Side, Front, Side, Front) 20-30 Sec Each