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Saturdays are for playing with your balls


CrossFit WOD

3 Person Team for time:
100 Front Squats 155/113lb
100 Deadlifts 155/113lb
100 Handstand Push-up

Partition the front squats, toes-2-
Bar, Deadlifts as needed. 1 Person
works, 1 person rests, 1 person
runs 400M with 45/25lb plate.
Carry plate anyway you want. Do
not drop the weight on the ground!

Person working does run then
rests. Switch after each run.

Barbell Quad
Barbell VMO
Childs Pose


ME at each 6 min AMRAP

-200ft Sled Pushes
*5 points for every 200ft sprint

-Wall Balls
*1 point for every Wall Ball

-Rowing for Cals
*1 point for every Calorie

*1 point for every Burpee

-200m Sandbag Sprints
*5 points for every 200m sprint