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CrossFit WOD
The Saturday workouts have been dead. The workout below is a great workout not only to work on absolute strength in the form of a heavy deadlift, but to tone and strengthen your upper body and build stability in your core.

Remember increasing your deadlift strength will allow you to move more weight faster during conditioning workouts burning more calories, also more muscle burns more calories. The upper body movements were programmed to help you improve pull-ups, push-ups and making those toothpicks arms get more tone.

The weighted plank is the glue that keeps your body together. Without proper core stability & strength you will not be able to lift heavy weight or do high reps without causing risk for back pain.

Conditioning workouts that whoop your a$$ might be fun, but they probably aren’t going to get you your desired results unless you spend time on absolute strength, core stability and isolating muscle groups. If you are worried that workouts like tomorrow won’t burn enough calories, it’s probably because you are eating poorly, not because you didn’t die after the workout.

Remember, constantly varied doesn’t mean do whatever, it means be well rounded. If you look at the people who are in the best shape aesthetically and performance wise, its because they train for the workouts.

Trust the process. 

1 Deadlift at 80-90%
20 Alternating Bicep Curls or 10+ Chin-ups
10+ Banded Tricep extension
1 Min weighted plank
Super set.


Team Challenge! Complete each circuit of AMRAPS two times, count your rounds as a team! Most rounds- WINS!

6 min AMRAP
12: Wall Balls
6: Burpees

(*90 seconds Rest)

6 min AMRAP
Row for Calories

(*90 seconds Rest)

6 min AMRAP
20: Overhead Walking Lunges
10: Sit-ups