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“I forced myself to push through excuses because I finally grew tired of delaying my own success with inconsistency.”

How did you hear about CrossFit White Bear and how long have you been a member?
I heard about CrossFit White Bear by simply doing a google search for nearby CrossFit gyms. I’d been interested in learning more about CrossFit for a while when I stumbled upon Crossfit White Bear about year and half ago and am so glad I did!

What was your first thought when you walked in the door? And now?
I was both confused and terrified. After triple checking the address I still wasn’t convinced I was at the right place and had no idea what to expect during my first visit. I remember walking into the “old” gym and awkwardly standing around wondering “where the hell’s the front desk…where am I supposed to check-in…Err should I just sit on this couch until someone comes looking for me?” My anxiety level continued to climb after peeking into the next room and seeing two people doing ring muscle-ups, but I thankfully found Coach Tania shortly after. I think she could sense my panic since she almost immediately assured me I wouldn’t be expected to do those anytime soon.

Now, walking into the gym is my favorite part of the day! I’m excited to see everyone and anxious to get started. Depending on the workout I still get nervous at times but you learn to embrace your nerves and power through them.

On average how many times do you and Rachel interrupt a coach by talking during class?
Who knows, but I’m predicting a PR the next time you’re coaching!

What is your favorite movement and least favorite movement?
My favorite movement is probably back squats. I still struggle with lack of upper body strength so I’m a bit biased towards any movement that works the lower body. My least favorite movement is likely toes-to-bar. They’re a huge frustration for me because while I can do them, I haven’t learned to do them efficiently quite yet, so any workout that contains a high volume of them really slows me down.



Sam before losing 17.5lbs and 10% body fat.

We know it’s easy to make excuses to not go to the gym.  What are excuses you’ve used and how have you pushed through them?
When I first started CrossFit it was absolutely easy to find an excuse to skip the gym — it’s too hot out, it’s too cold out, it’s too nice out, I’m hungry, I’m full, there’s running in the workout, I’m too tired, Jake’s coaching tonight’s class, etc. Like many people, I’ve thought of every excuse in the book, but once you make the commitment and the conscious decision to give it your all, the exact opposite becomes true. When your friends and co-workers attempt to get you to skip your workout to join them for happy hour, you can’t help but think of endless reasons to not skip.

CrossFit is now part of my daily routine and skipping a workout very rarely even crosses my mind. I forced myself to push through excuses because I finally grew tired of delaying my own success with inconsistency. During frustrating times when I didn’t seem to be making progress, I learned to trust the process and continue forward. When the only other option is to give up and start all over again it makes the choice pretty easy.



Were you active prior to joining CrossFit White Bear?
If so, what did you do and how is our program different?

I’ve always been fairly active but never to the intensity of Crossfit. Throughout college I was either an active gym goer or trying a new workout series such as P90X. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to not give it your all when you don’t have anyone to help keep you motivated and the workouts are brain-numbingly boring. I quickly grew tired of hearing Tony Horton’s corny jokes over-and-over again and spending so much time in an environment that did so little to inspire me. This prevented me from creating an active lifestyle and instead produced fads that I followed for a few months at a time.

After graduating and getting a full-time desk job, my activity level really took a decline and I knew it was time to try something new. CrossFit has by far been the most challenging yet rewarding experience! It’s easy to go to the gym day-after-day when you have a supportive community and a fun (yet sometimes daunting) workout waiting for you. Since the workouts take no planning of your own, the only requirement is showing up with a willingness to work your hardest.

Getting fit not only involves being active but making healthier decisions when it comes to your diet.
Tell us about the changes you have seen since consistently showing up to the gym and working with Luke Popham at Bear Nutrition. 

Since joining CrossFit and working on my nutrition with Luke, I’ve dropped close to twenty pounds while gaining lean muscle. Luke has a wealth of knowledge and experience in nutrition and I attribute much of my success to his guidance and support (and patience!). After 6 months of CrossFit I hadn’t seen the results I had hoped for and decided to connect with Luke. At that point, he taught me the basics of nutrition and the importance of fueling my body differently now that my activity level had changed so much. Pairing a great work-out with the appropriate nutrition made all the difference and I can’t thank him or everyone at CrossFit White Bear enough for the encouragement!