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First off the good news is my boobs are back!  If you missed my first blog post about Renaissance Periodization click here and read with caution. Quick note for the guys — unless you want to hear some girl power passion, skip this one! 


Alright, let’s fast forward to finishing my first cut, my weight went down to 138, I felt crabby AF but damn I loved my tiny waistline! I started up maintenance and realized it was time for me to start taking my food even more serious and making this a permanent life change- I invested in a Coach from Renaissance Periodization, Paul! Some people questioned why I made this choice and it was simple; I can and I need help too! I knew I didn’t want to be on a “cutting” program forever and I wanted to get to a weight/look I LOVED and felt BOMB in! For my body to stay at 138 forever was not possible. My goal in my first cut was simply that- cut as much fat off as possible then start to add muscle!

For the first few weeks Paul learned about my goals, how my body responded to more fats/carbs, and figuring out my workouts and how many calories I was burning on average. He got to know my feisty personality and also how serious I was about making the shift from cutting fat, to maintenance, to keeping my body fat LOW but adding muscle! It’s a process, let me tell you!

I was on maintenance for 16 weeks and started my cut in January- to say this cut was a mind f#%k, would be putting it lightly. I started this cut at 156 and ended at 151. Now you read that and think “damn she went up 12lbs after the second cut in one year” and you would be correct! I did go up ‘on the scale’ but did my body composition ever change! It’s very normal after your first cut to put back on 5-8lbs, I put on a little more, obviously, but even at 156, I was still fitting into my clothes! I wasn’t gaining fat, my body was holding onto water due to increasing my carbs and I was putting on MUSCLE. I also (drum roll) got my boobs BACK and still had ABS! #winningatlife

I finished my cut the middle of April. My cut went longer than expected due to HORMONES! (Insert eye roll) If you do not get your hormones ON TRACK I am LIVING proof that you can watch every macro that enters your body and you will still not lose. There was a time where I was eating around 1000 calories a day (which I ONLY recommend while being supervised by a Coach) and STILL not dropping with my negative caloric intake- why? Because my progesterone levels were high due to getting an IUD in March. Note, I was already taking progesterone at night to help with sleep and anxiety, and after getting the IUD, BAM my levels had doubled AND I had gained 4lbs in ONE WEEK- not cool! I stopped taking the medication, my levels went back to normal, and my weight went back down (thank God for Dr. Elliott!)

Now at 151, I lift more, heavier, and faster than I ever have! I cannot explain the science behind it and don’t need to which is why I pay for Paul, but he is ON! I have never felt stronger in my lifts or more pleased with my performance. Getting over the number on the scale took as much dedication as prepping my food every week, but I did. I really focused on how my body LOOKED and how I felt in lifts. Period.

When I was 138, my physique was smaller and faster but I had NO boobs and NO ass- now I have BOTH and love how I look in clothes. My look is completely different at 151- I feel strong and thick in my legs/arms, I have abs (actually someone told me I had belly abs like Jason, I’ll take it!) and I fill out my jeans like never before!!

So many women fixate on the scale and if it’s not going down, they relate to not being successful in their journey. I’m here to tell you, again, that until you can focus on POSITIVE numbers like the amount you can back squat, press, speed for a one-mile run, unbroken pushups and so on, you will constantly fail yourself.

Love your body and it will love you back — promise!




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