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With 7 years of experience, we know everyone has different goals with their fitness! Our CrossFit, SWEAT, and Bear Barbell classes are the backbone of BearFitness. Each program has its own unique focus and led by trainers who are passionate about helping people accomplish their goals!


Our BearPass gives you the freedom to choose CrossFit, SWEAT, Bear Barbell classes and open gym.


Make a commitment or keep it casual and enjoy our SWEAT classes and open gym.


“My first class went way different than I expected. I thought the class would ignore or not talk to me. I was wrong. Everyone wanted to know my story. Where I was from, was I new to CrossFit and did I come from another box. Everyone was extremely friendly and it really helped me settle in.”


“I had a shoulder injury when I first joined and struggled with so many movements.  Today, it is a thrill to be able to get a kettlebell over my head.  A strict pull-up year one was a big accomplishment for this suburban housewife and mother of two!”


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