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Memorial Day Schedule
Friday: All evening classes closed
Saturday: 8am SWEAT, 9am CrossFit Only
Sunday: closed
Monday 9,10,11am class and BBQ after. Bring Side items and drinks. 20 people per class, first come first served. Don’t no show full classes

CrossFit WOD

5 Weighted Chin-ups

Bike 20/15 Cal
10 Pull-Up
10 Slamball 40/30lb

Rest 3 Min

3 Rounds
Run 400m
Sled Drag 200m

Hamstring, Glute
Quad, Calf
Shoulder Complex


E2MOM: 4x
10: Goblet Squats
Heals to Hips/Shoulders/Bar remaining time (30 sec rest in between e/set)

E2MOM: 4x
10: SLDL (r/l)
15: Heavy Swings

E2MOM: 4x
10: Split Squats
Wall-Sit for remaining time (30 sec rest in between e/set)

18 min AMRAP
20: Wall Balls
20: Sit-ups
20: Box Jumps
200m Run