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Bring back the sunshine & outdoor wods!


CrossFit WOD

15 Min to reach a Heavy 3 Rep Deadlift

2 Deadlift + 30 Double-Unders
(deadlift at approximately 80-90% or moderately heavy)

Muscle Circuit:3-4x
A.DB RDL x10
B. Max Effort L-Sit Hold
C. Shoulder IYT Raise x5 Each

Barbell Calf Mash
Barbell Hamstring Mash
Seated Straddle


EMOM: 5x
30 sec: ME Push-ups

EMOM: 5x
30 sec: ME Pull-ups or Ring Rows

EMOM: 5x
30 sec: DB Push Press

5x for Time
10: Cals on Rower
10: DB Snatches
10: Burpees
10: Dips