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A tribute to all the men and women who’s life was sadly taken in the events of 9.11.01. Today’s time is 30 minutes dedicated to the 2,996 innocent people who passed and the rep scheme is is 9 cleans, 11 pull-ups, and 21 lunges (2001). The run is for all the people who had to run out of harms way.

9 Clean & Jerk 155/103lb
11 Pull-Ups
21  Walking Lunge
200m Run

3 Sets:
Plank Complex (F,S,F,S x 15 Sec)
Barbell Rollout Rollout x10

September Challenge Accessory:
Complete at any point during the week!
1-3 Sets
4:00 Run (Easy)
1:00 walk
2:00 Run (Moderate)
1:00 walk
1:00 Run (Hard)
1:00 walk
:30 run
-Rest 3:00 between rounds-

Child’s Complex
Door Pec Stretch