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How did you find out about BearFitness? I found out about BearFitness when SWEAT HIIT WITH JESS joined forces with them in 2016. For 9 years I had been working out with Jess in various locations; parks, school cafeterias, playgrounds and anywhere else that we could gather. We’ve met outside in the sun, rain, cold, and dark. It was always interesting and FUN! It is nice to have one place with cool equipment that we need for great workouts. Why do you come to SWEAT? I come to SWEAT HIIT for SO many reasons. SWEAT HIIT is my family, my friends, my hobby, where I get my fashion ideas for workout clothes (not my headband choices). Oh, and it is also my workout!!! Those amazing workouts!! What is your WHY for showing up? WHY I show up is because I can. I’m 61 years old and last week I did 300 burpees in two days! I think that is so cool! I can do it! I am also very clumsy and the SWEATLETES are used to it. They don’t judge me when I fall doing the rubber bands or give myself a black eye and stitches with a kettlebell. I would feel weird in any other gym with my interesting style. What’s your favorite type of workout? My favorite kind of workout is EMOM’s (every minute on the minute) with lots of stations. I can do anything for a minute and the variety is always good. There is always a move coming up that I love and I think about that when I’m doing a move that I don’t love. When people tell you your “old” and don’t need to be lifting all those weights, what do you tell them?? This is a common conversation that I have with people. I tell them that I am saving myself from being old, feeble and weak. I am a firm believer that if you don’t use it you will lose it! I want to be the senior citizen that falls and CAN GET UP!! I don’t need or want to do old people workouts… so boring! What are your goals? I really want to stay active, keep moving fast and hard and spend my time with people who are awesome! I get all of that from my workouts and friends. These are great goals! Favorite workout jams! SOS – Rihanna, It’s Your Birthday – 50 Cent. Truthfully, as long as it makes me move I am good with anything! How has the variety of Coaching styles helped you in your workouts? I have been coached by Jess for 9 years. I never thought that I would enjoy being coached by anyone but Jess but have discovered that the other coaches are just as amazing! They are equally as motivating and encouraging and I have now come to LOVE THEM ALL! BearFitness is the best place to be a member! The advice you have for someone thinking they want to start working out? Do it! Be part of an awesome community! They will be your friends, workout partners, travel buddies, brunch and dinner friends! You will be richly rewarded with strength, health and friendships. Most memorable time at BearFitness? Being introduced to the assault bike and having to burn a gazillion calories! Really, they are all memorable ~ can’t choose just one! I especially love to hold the babies when they are there. Favorite community event you went to? I love the Athleta events. Super fun and I usually treat myself to a new outfit! Photo Credit: Photos by DC  

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