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About two years ago, I was on a call with one of my business mentors. After we spoke about the obstacles I was facing, he laid out some objectives for me to accomplish. After he told me what I should do between now and our next meeting, he listened as I gave him multiple reasons why his objectives were unattainable. When I was done speaking, he said something straightforward, and it hit me at my core. He said, “Jake, you seem to spend a lot of energy focusing on why you can’t do it, and no energy focusing on how to get it done.” 

It instantly changed my mindset, and you know what? When I put my mind and energy towards the solutions and focused my energy on how to get it done, it got done!

When we speak to members about their attendance and their nutrition, we hear all the reasons why they are unable to get to the gym or eat healthy foods. The simple fact is, all of us can work out for three hours+ a week and choose to eat healthy food over unhealthy food. We might need to make a plan on how to do it, but it’s achievable.

Making healthy decisions is something you owe to yourself, family, and friends. The next time you find yourself finding the reasons why you can’t, ask yourself, did you spend time to find ways you can?

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