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Wow. This is very flattering. My journey at BearFitness has not been without flaw or SWEAT HIIT (literally) but its a journey I am very proud of and excited to see what the future brings.

How did you find out about BearFitness?
Two nursing school friends of mine were past clients of SWEAT with Jess so I had seen pictures and workouts on social media. For about a year I had been looking up SWEAT probably weekly but was not in a place to make the sacrifices I was going to need to in order to be successful. So, after many many “should I try it’s?!” in my head I caught a glimpse of the BearFitness tent at Marketfest. Jess happened to be at the stand and for some insane reason, I felt compelled to introduce myself. This simple intro on a Thursday evening in July catapulted me into SWEAT on Saturday and I haven’t looked back since.

What could be some potential inconveniences to getting to the gym and how do you overcome them?
My husband, Russ, travels often for work. I have 3 kids. I work a full-time job. My eldest (Isabella) is heavily involved in sports. Let’s be real, I could list 1,000 inconveniences that kept me out of the Box (aka gym). These inconveniences take mass planning. I have worked hard to create a life I love which also means a life where my kids have a present mom. Most of my time revolves around their lives. That means Mondays we have no tennis so Russ and I come to sweat together. Its a family night in the box. Tuesdays and Thursdays Russ has changed his work schedule to give me the opportunity to workout at 6am eliminating a lack of family time during the evening. Saturdays my mom brings Isabella to skiing giving Russ and I the opportunity to attend morning class. The times I attend class to allow me to come whether or not my kids are sick, sleeping, or busy this was purposeful planning. Most of life can seem like a gym interference. Its a choice you make whether or not to work around it.

What separates BearFitness from any other gym membership you’ve had?
First the constant and consistent change. I came to BearFitness right out of a corporate gym and directly from a personal trainer. I was lifting weights and barely breaking a sweat. Some days I was sore but I was never pushed to my max. I was doing exactly what the personal training department head told me to do and see no results.

Second is the community. There’s a sense of ownership at BearFitness that is different from any other gym I’ve been to. I own my time, I own my workouts, and I will get whatever I put into it. The more you show up the more the faces become familiar, the more the coaches push you, and the more complete strangers start to cheer you on. I’ve never walked in wondering who I am in the box or dreading who will be on a machine next to me. We are all in each workout for ourselves yet completely together.

What were your goals when you started at BearFitness? 6 months later, now what are your goals?
I had one goal. It was weight loss. While I have not hit my optimum weight, my goals for the next six months are to be consistent with both my food intake/ prep as well as consistent with my workouts. To push myself when I mentally can’t go any further. To give myself grace as I learn new techniques and challenge myself to failure. My focus has gone away from the scale and moved towards a complete body composition overhaul. I don’t need to weigh a certain amount but I do want to be fit and strong.

Favorite type of SWEAT workout?
This is a loaded question. Generally, I like whatever I am good at, but then there is the assault bike. I like a workout that pushes me to my brink, requires both mental and physical strength, and that I walk away from proud that I finished. Sometimes that’s a killer EMOM (5 burpees EMOM +150 cals on bike) and other times I love a good team workout. Cheering for each other brings a new level of excitement.

Favorite workout jams?
If I’m in my zone I rarely hear the music. When I’m giving 100% I’m generally focusing on each movement and trying to stay alive. I do love a good 80’s classic.

What advice do you have out there for other Parents out there reading this wondering how they can fit working out in with working full time and having a family?
Set a schedule that works for you and that you can commit to long-term. I am at the gym 4 days a week because that’s what I know I can guarantee myself and what I am able to be consistent with. Dedicate your time- my work hours are specific, my workout hours are specific, and my time with my family is specific. Every commitment I make is guaranteed a time that’s very transparent so everyone involved knows they will get my undivided attention during their dedicated time.

Trust that doing something for yourself is going to make a massive positive impact on your family and life. When my toddlers pick up 1lb weights and do thrusters at home or my 9yr old asks to go for a quick run at night I know I’m creating a lifestyle.

“There will always be a reason to start tomorrow, but you will never regret starting today. You have one body and too many people depend on that body, treat it with the love it deserves.”


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