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How long have you been members?
Almost 2 years

What’s been your favorite part about belonging to BearFitness?
Brenda: The community!  It is so supportive!  The best thing about this community is it is always giving.

Dave: Like Brenda said, the community of BearFitness.  Of course, CrossFit is about the workout and movements but it is so much more.  It is about the people who are there with you every day.  From the coaches who train and push you to reach that goal of a new PR (personal record), to the other members who are always there to give you a high five after a workout. Even the days when you just need a person to talk to or get a hug there is always someone willing to help and push you through a workout or just a bad day.  BearFitness is a not just a gym it’s a family!

What have you noticed about yourselves internally from starting Day 1 until now?
Brenda: I feel calmer. , I listen better (or I think I do )

Dave: I know that I have the ability make a hard change in life.  That with the right people helping, effort and accountability you can make positive changes in life that stick.

You went through an experience that no parent should have to go through. How has keeping active helped with your loss?
Brenda: It is not something you wish anyone to be a part of.  You want no parent to be a part of this club.  This one hour of working out helps you push through.  You have one hour of not worrying about the stressors of life.  Instead, your focus tends to be can I survive this workout.  Even though there are days you think you can’t, you can.  When you are done – you are always glad you did that workout and feel better afterward.

Dave: Like Brenda said this is something you would never wish upon anyone.  Keeping active has helped out not only keep us physically strong but mentally as well.  To get that hour where we can take the pain of losing our daughter and focus it on the workouts. The pain and the grief will always be part of who we are but for at least an for an hour day we are focusing on what is positive in your lives.

What is your “why” for showing up? 
Feeling better about ourselves, wanting to be stronger, wanting our little angel to be proud of mom and dad.

How do you guys hold each other accountable when one of you wants to slack, stop or feels unmotivated?
Brenda: One of us usually wants to go to BearFitness and the other is whining.  We just go. Unless I am super sore and I need my rest days, we go.

Dave: I think our little angel keeps us both accountable to go. Remembering her give all should could help’s us push through those hard days of being sore or tired.

Best piece of advice for Moms and Dads out there thinking they want to join but don’t feel “fit” enough yet?
It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey.  You don’t need to be a rockstar to be here.  You just have to want to move and be a better you.  That is all you need to join.  Everything else will get worked out.  Our favorite saying is your ego is not your amigo.  Look to the people who are more fit than you, to motivate you to be a better you and help challenge you.  When you see someone struggling, be that person to either help them with their movement or just help to listen to them or encourage them.


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