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4 ways changes in the gym will create a better life outside the gym

I love seeing people crush their fitness goals at the gym. But what truly makes me feel grateful for being able to be a part of member’s lives at BearFitness is the changes I see in people outside of the gym. After a decade in the fitness biz, the most powerful change I have experienced and been lucky enough to witness in others is the confidence people have to pursue better relationships, careers and the focus to achieve dreams they never thought could be a reality. 

Below are a couple of ways that I hope the whole fitness thing can improve your quality of life outside of the gym…

Look good and feel good.

Everyone knows losing weight and gaining muscle is why people initially come to the gym! People tend to think about the physical changes and not realize the benefit of the mental changes you will have. As much as we love seeing the physical changes, it’s the positive changes to your self-esteem that we are most excited to see! You will walk different, talk different, and approach life with newfound confidence!  


Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Time and time again, we see people doing things they never thought they would or could do! Tackling these adversities inside the gym will lead you to seek stuff you never thought you’d do outside of the gym.


Learn how to create a plan to accomplish your goals.

When it comes to making a life change, there are no shortcuts; it often takes months if not years to get what you want. Wanting to accomplish your goal and creating a roadmap to crush your goal are two different things!

See our example of how you can breakdown your long-term goal and build a roadmap to track your progress.






Become more self-driven.

One thing we’ve noticed over the years is when people achieve their goals inside the gym that we see a shift in how they approach their careers, relationships, or big life goals. They set a goal and don’t look for instant gratification; they strive by putting their nose down daily and working hard for what they want.

Our mission at BearFitness is to be the best hour of your day, not because it’s comfortable, convenient, or because you LOVE fitness, but because the changes that happen inside the gym will improve your confidence and self-discipline to achieve things outside the gym you never thought were possible.

Don’t wait to make the change. Act now. Make small changes that when combined, will make significant long-term changes!


Jake Wandersee