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Life is full of distractions, obstacles, and unforeseen roadblocks.  Life has always been this way and always will be. The difference between happy and successful people is they are able to focus their energy on what they can control and forget about the rest. 

Take 5 to 10 minutes for the following exercise — don’t rush it!

Identify an area in your life that is causing you stress or a roadblock that is slowing down your progress toward reaching your goal. Make two circles/lists on a sheet of paper. In one circle/list, write down what you cannot control, and in another, write down what you can control. You might notice that your out-of-control list fills up fast while your in-control list is short. Don’t worry, that is common and a good thing! Less is more when it comes to accomplishing your goal. Having a small list means you will have laser focus on a few solutions! 

I hope by creating this list, you’ll have more clarity and focus your energy on solutions that will make a difference!  

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