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In the current fitness world distractions are everywhere. New supplements, nutrition & training programs and gear are flooding the market faster than ever claiming faster gains in strength, weight loss, you name it. Amongst all the noise, what is someone new to do? How can we identify what works? Where are we supposed to start? Regardless of your health & fitness goals, your nutritional plan of attack needs to prioritize one simple factor, Calories!

Here is the 1 Bedrock Principle I wish I knew when I started…

The King of Nutrition, the Calorie.
What is a Calorie? Put simply, calories are sources of energy found in food. Calories are used to power work & energy requirements of daily living. Consume an excess of calories regularly, and energy will be stored in the body resulting in increased body weight. Energy storage is not bad! For example: Carbohydrates are stored in the form of muscle and liver glycogen. Glycogen is an excellent source of fuel during intense bouts of exercise (CrossFit!) Storage of nutrients also results in the production of structural proteins, resulting in muscle gain! Gaining muscle and improving performance takes time, patience, and CALORIES!

Consume fewer calories than needed to power muscular work & activities of daily living, and stores of energy in the body will be used resulting in weight loss over time. All metabolic disorders aside, following the old adage of calories in, calories out, is a safe indicator of weight loss, weight maintenance, or weight gain.

Quick Tips:
• If you think you’re eating in a caloric deficit and you’re not losing weight, you’re still eating more calories than you need for weight maintenance.
• Starving yourself to lessen your caloric intake too much is not a healthy choice. Severe caloric deficits will limit your performance and inhibit your ability to build muscle. In addition, it could leave you at risk for the immune system and potential metabolic disorders.
• A well balanced & diverse diet of healthy protein, carbohydrate and fat sources is the Queen to the King of Calories.

Information is great, but how do I know where to start? Contact us! We’ll help you find an acceptable starting caloric range to fit your goals. We can help provide general information to help you along your health & fitness journey. In an upcoming article, we’ll break down the importance of macronutrients, nutrient timing, and supplementation. Look for an upcoming post with quick and easy to follow information soon!


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