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In Bear Barbell strength is the priority. Training is centered around heavy compound lifts of the squatting, pressing and deadlifting. Whether you’re interested in following a periodized training cycle, improving form/technique, or just stopping in for a heavy lift, Bear Barbell is for you.

No Experience? No problem! We have our Foundations training designed to get you ready for your first class!

What can I expect in class?

All classes are structured under the following format:

  1. Main Lift: Priority lift of the session. Either a squat, press or deadlift variation.
  2. Assistance Exercise: Build strength and muscle to help improve the Main Lift.
  3. Accessory Exercise: Designed to improve muscle size and coordination for health and performance.

Warm-ups are provided in the program. We recommend arriving 10-15 min prior to class start time to warm-up and allow the full hour to train strength.


What is involved with foundations training?

Everyone is unique. Your starting point depends on your experience!  The best way to answer your questions is to meet in person! Click here to schedule an appointment! 

Can’t wait to chat? Text or call us at 651-419-5112.

I have lifting experience, can I try a class?

If you moved to our area or just looking for a new place to lift at send us an email at membership@bearfitnessmn.com or call/text 651-419-5112 to set up a time to meet and talk about next steps!

Do you provide discounts?

We have youth and couples membership discount. We are also a PreferredOne, Health Partners, BCBS of Minnesota, and Medica approved health club!

What are the class times?

Click here to check out our most up to date schedule.