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In Bear Barbell strength is the priority. Training is centered around heavy compound lifts of the squatting, pressing and deadlifting. Whether you’re interested in following a periodized training cycle, improving form/technique, or just stopping in for a heavy lift, Bear Barbell is for you.

No Experience? No problem! We have our Foundations training designed to get you ready for your first class!

What can I expect in class?

All classes are structured under the following format:

  1. Main Lift: Priority lift of the session. Either a squat, press or deadlift variation.
  2. Assistance Exercise: Build strength and muscle to help improve the Main Lift.
  3. Accessory Exercise: Designed to improve muscle size and coordination for health and performance.

Warm-ups are provided in the program. We recommend arriving 10-15 min prior to class start time to warm-up and allow the full hour to train strength.


What is involved with foundations training?

Three 1 Hour personal training sessions on the squat, bench press, deadlift, and accessory exercises.  It’s easy to answer all your questions in person, schedule a time to chat by emailing info@bearfitnessmn.com or call/text 651-300-1995. 

I have lifting experience, can I try a class?

If you moved to our area or just looking for a new place to lift at send us an email at info@bearfitnessmn.com or call/text 651-300-1995 and we will set you up with three free sessions!

Do you provide discounts?

We have youth and couples membership discount. We are also a PreferredOne, Health Partners, BCBS of Minnesota approved health club!

What are the class times?

Monday 6pm
Wednesday 6pm
Friday 6pm