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What is your occupation?
Mom / Tony’s Micromanager

Let’s refer to him as “Mr. Price”
  – Jake

How did you hear about CrossFit White Bear?
Google.  But heard my husband Tony talk about doing CrossFit workouts (by looking at the main website) in our basement for months, and thought he was crazy.  I used to say “How can you get a good workout in under 45 minutes?”

What was your first thought when you walked in the door? And now?
Nice glasses!  Just kidding, Jake.  I thought it was really sparse.  And now I think, who do I get to workout with today and how long is this WOD going to take me?

How have you seen yourself change – mentally or physically since you joined?
Mentally, I can’t wait to workout.  I used to dread the gym, now I love it and rarely miss (even though I am usually late).  I push myself harder and have become more mentally tough.  Physically, I am stronger and more toned than I have ever been (and I have been working out for a LONG time).  I also feel that I am hitting the golf ball farther than ever, which was one of the reasons I joined CrossFit.

What has been the most challenging part of CrossFit?
Besides getting to class on time, the Olympic lifts.

Who is better looking? Thomas or Jake?
Ross, hands down, sorry guys!

What is your favorite movement and least favorite movement or WOD?
The cardio queen in me still loves any body weight movements or metcons.  I also love anything that has to do with gymnastics, since I was a gymnast in my former life, and the skills never go away, like riding a bike!  I hate snatch (insert joke here…)  I am learning to like the OLY lifts, but they are not my fave.  Ring dips, hate ring dips!

What has been the most humbling moment in CrossFit? And the most gratifying?
Humbling, almost every day is humbling.  Probably working on Snatch technique and still sucking, having a ridiculously light press, getting smoked by some of the beasty girls in a WOD, the list goes on and on.  Most gratifying was RXing Fran in under 6 minutes!

What is the biggest difference between big box gyms and CrossFit White Bear?
Besides the granite counter tops and cherrywood lockers in the locker rooms?  The mentality.  People at CrossFit White Bear want to be pushed, improve and see results.   I felt the big box I used to belong to was pretty “social” and not very hard core.

Anything else you would like to add?
Just that I love CrossFit and our gym.  Everyone here is so encouraging and welcoming, it is a great community.  More kool-aid, please!