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Monday’s game starting strong! #wannabelikemom

MONDAY: Lower Body Day

60: Goblet Squats 

*every 12; 30 sec flutter Kicks

60: KB Russian Swings

*every 12: 30 sec Plank

6x for Time:

200m Sled Drag

15: Slam Balls

15: Sit-ups

This one might beat that one! #sorrynotsorry

TUESDAY: Total Body Conditioning

Cals on Bike

DB Push Press

BJ Hop Overs

Happy HUMP Day!

WEDNESDAY: Total Body Conditioning

Med Ball Cleans


400m Row

Hang on, almost to the weekend!



800m Run

7: pull-ups/Ring Rows

7: push-ups 

7: DB Curls

30 sec: KB Swings


30 sec: flutter Kicks 

30 sec: bicycles 

30 sec: plank 

SHOW UP so you don’t have FOMO!

FRIYAY-Surprise! #showup

Saturdays are for TEAM Challenges! #community

SATURDAY: Total Body Conditioning

*Everyone has to complete the workout; when you are done, you can help your team members CHIP away at what they have left! Shortest time wins bragging rights!*

40: Burpees

40: Plate Pass Thrus

40: Sit-Ups

1 mile Run

800m: Sled Pushes

1 mile Row

40: Sit-Ups

40: Wall Balls

40: Burpees