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5 commonly asked questions about creatine

For someone who is new to the fitness world, it’s too easy to become distracted by the abundance of nonsense products & information. There are snake oil salesmen promising unrealistic results are at every health product store, taking advantage of newbies everywhere. But not YOU! Other than a whey based protein supplement, Creatine is probably the safest & most secure bet to make when you ask yourself the question, “what supplement is worth the money?” If you are still questioning if Creatine is right for you below are 5 things you should know before making your first Creatine purchase.
What is Creatine?
Creatine is an energy-boosting supplement that restores ATP, the universal energy source for the body. 3-20g has shown to be safe & marked increases in strength performance, recovery, reduced muscle soreness & even improved intelligence (in vegetarians, its science I promise). Creatine has also been used for the treatment of degenerative (breaking down) diseases such as Lou Gehrig’s disease & even diabetes. So we can clearly see there is some benefit to taking Creatine, but is it something that is absolutely necessary? It depends.

What types of Creatine are there?
There are as many types of Creatine as there are supplements that claim to improve your performance so what one should you choose? Don’t overthink it, find some at your local health foods store and buy the monohydrate. It’s cheap as chips & twice as flavorful. Enjoy your improved performance!

Should I take Creatine before or after a workout?
Google the topic and you will see studies that advocate for both! Nutrient timing is just another stressor so we recommend being consistent and taking it at a convenient time for you!

Should Creatine be a Priority?
If you’ve asked yourself the following questions…
“Do my daily nutritional habits resemble a starving grizzly bear?”
“What’s a calorie?”
“Will I get abs after taking Creatine?”

…Then Creatine isn’t going to be your priority. Right your nutritional ship. Prioritize calorie balance and create a nutritional profile that fits your goals, then start thinking about Creatine. 

Who should take Creatine?
For those of you that are consistently working out and have an already excellent diet & are looking for a supplement to provide more energy per repetition of strength work, improved endurance based workouts, or even improved neural function throughout the day, you’re probably the type of person that would benefit from the recreational use of our favorite street drug, Creatine.

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