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4 easy ways to improve your consistency.

Change is hard. Changing thoughts into actions, actions to habits, and habits into character is hard. In order to change, discipline is necessary! From our discipline, we’re able to form a model for consistency. Taking the first step toward an entirely new direction just takes 1 step, once you’re moving the process becomes easier and unnoticeable.  
By changing thoughts into actions, you start to visit the gym more often. By changing actions into a habit, your visits become more frequent, you spend less mental energy debating “why not” to go, goals become within reach, and health and fitness become a part of your lifestyle behavior. Once a behavior becomes the habit, you’ve really built up unstoppable momentum. Healthy habits mold your character into who you become. Ultimately you have to ask yourself the question, “Who do I want to be?”, if your habits don’t align with who your ideal self is, you have to change something.

The theory is great. Practice and action is real. Now by knowing what you have to do to change, here is how you do it!


Analyze your week and pre-schedule your workouts on Sunday.
Take an honest look at your current schedule and set an attainable goal for gym visits each week (example: 3x week, Monday, Wednesday & Friday). Put the days and times in your calendar and focus on creating solutions, not excuses!

Find a positive support system!
People who want to succeed need support! Look for coaches, members, friends, and family who support your goal and will help you on your journey!

Take the week challenge!
Accomplishing small goals over and over will make improving your consistency easier and more rewarding! Your first goal is to stick to your pre-scheduled workout times for one week!

Do it again!
By setting your plan in motion, you’ve started! You’ve overcome the undeniable inertia of laziness. Over the course of weeks, you’ve taken something that was previously believed to be unattainable, and accomplished it! Through your action, you’ve built habits. By remaining consistent over a long period of time, you will accomplish past goals you’ve set for yourself. The only one stopping you is You. By taking accountability of your circumstances, changing thoughts into habits, and remaining consistent over a long period of time, you win!


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