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Making Monday his sandbag!

MONDAY– Lower Body

E2MOM: 5x 

15: Deadlift

20: Swings

E2MOM: 5x

ME: 1 min bike 

E2MOM: 5x

15: DB Front Squats

20: Wall Balls

4- 400m sprints (1 min rest after e/sprint)

There’s always that one client…

TUESDAY: Total Body Conditioning 

EMOM: 6x

4-7: Burpee BJ Hop Overs

EMOM: 6x

15: DB Thrusters

EMOM: 6x

6-8: GI James/Burpee + Bar Touch 

EMOM: 6x

20: Slam Balls 

For Time:

800m/1 mile Run 

Is it FriYaY yet? #prayingtotheSWEATGods

WEDNESDAY: Total Body Conditioning 

E4MOM: 10x

24: Russian Swings

18: Cals on Rower

12: Snatches

6: Burps 

Them backs tho! #SWEAT

THURSDAY– Upper Body Man Makers

*400m sprint in between each 

Core Finisher:

8x of 20/10: Weighted Planks 

100: Sit-ups 

Don’t you wish you knew the workout?! #showup



SATURDAY– Total Body Conditioning 

SWEAT Adventure 

800m Partner Run w/Slam Ball

*100: Cals on Bike 

(alt: partner in Overhead hold)

400m Partner Run w/Slam Ball

*100: Wall Balls 

(alt: partner in bear hold)

800m Partner Run w/Slam Ball

*100: American Swings 

(alt: partner in Overhead hold)