Hump Day feels…#naptime


CrossFit WOD

1 Power Clean 225/153lb
3 Ring Muscle-ups
6 Bar Facing Burpee


5 Hang Power Clean 115/753lb
10/5 Push-ups
5 Bar Facing Burpee

10 Close grip bench
6+ Chin-up
15+ Banded tricep

On occasion we will have two different options for conditioning. One option will have more skill or weight required in order to complete the workout. The second option will closely mimic the first but pull back the amount of skill/weight to make sure that you are able to get the desired conditioning element out of the workout. Although we can scale both workouts we recommend the workout that is closer to your ability level!

Seated Straddle
Lax Burt Reynolds
Lax Terres/Lat



For Time:
50: Burpees
50: Cals on Rower
50: Sit-ups
50: DB Cleans

5x at 1 min rest after each sprint
400m Sprint