CrossFit WOD

Press 5×5

10 Pull-Ups
Row 250m
15/10 Push-Ups

15 Minute Cap

These below drills are beginner to intermediate to help you build strength and balance in the inverted position. Please watch the videos. 

10-15 reps of Inch work walk up on box.  Watch here
10-15 Handstand Balance. Watch here
10-20 Shrug and Shift. Watch here

*You will need to fast forward to midway or later point to see the above drills. However they also have a lot of other good drills prior.

Banded Overhead Stretch
Banded Sashay Stretch
Banded Posterior Chain Floss


3×5+ Pull-ups

For 15-20 Minutes
10 Cal Bike
10 Wall Balls
10 Bicycle Crunches