Workout of the Day

Sunday 6.25.17

The Lone Ranger


Must sign up by 11am Saturday so we know how much equipment to bring. 20 Person Cap. Open to all

Partner 500 Yards For time:
Overhead Walking Lunge 45/25lb
Sled Pull 95/70lb
Farmer’s Carry 140/100lb

Must complete at least 50 yards at
a time

Saturday 6.24.17

Tossing balls


CrossFit WOD

21-15-9 Reps for time
Thruster 96/63lb

Bent Over Row x20
Barbell Rollout x10
V-Up x 20


Band-Pull Apart x 10
1 Min Cobra Pose
1 Min Toe Touches


SWEAT Team Challenge
-Rounds and Cals recorded for Score and Bragging Rights!-

8 minute AMRAPS
(1) 20: Rope Slams and 5: Burpees
(2) 200m Sandbag Run and 5: Push-ups
(3) Row for Calories!
(4) 10: DB Snatches and 6/8: Cals on Bike

Friday 6.23.17


CrossFit WOD

Pause Front Squat Heavy 2 Rep
* Pause 8 seconds at top
* Pause 5 Seconds at bottom
* Upon Racking Barbell perform 3 Box Jumps

8 Rounds
15/12 Cal Bike
15/12 Push-ups
Rest 20 Sec

Box Ext. Rotation
Couch Stretch
Seated Straddle


Doin’ if for the Daisy Dukes!
100: Box Jumps
50: Sit-Ups
75: Wall Balls
50: Sit-Ups
50: DB Cleans
50: Sit-Ups
25: Goblet Squats
3x for Time
200m Heavy Sled Drag
30 sec: Wall-Sit

Thursday 6.22.17


CrossFit WOD

10 -15 Min Handstand Walk,
Push-Up, Hold Drills & Practice
Handstand Push-up
• Pick a repeatable number

For time:
Row 1k Buy In
10 Hang Power Snatch 95/63lb
400m Run

Optional Fun:
Partner Tire Flip + Jump In, Jump
Over 200m

Ground Wrist Stretch
Lax/Mash/Roll Lat, Shoulder
Complex, IT Band


3x; 45 secs on and 15 secs off
MINUTE 1: DB Bent Over Rows
MINUTE 2: Tricep Dips
MINUTE 3: DB Front/Side Late Raise
MINUTE 4: Banded Pull Aparts
MINUTE 5: Plate Pass Thrus
MINUTE 6: Rest! 

5x for Time
200m Sled RUN!
5: Pull-ups/Ring-Rows
10: DB Snatches
30 sec: Weighted Planks


Wednesday 6.21.17


CrossFit WOD

2 Back Squats @ 70% (Moderate) +
5 Box Jumps

5 Deadlift 275/178lb
10 Bar Over Burpee
15 Pull-Up

1 Min each of Frog
Squat Hold
1 Min Child’s Pose


1 mile Run or 800m Run
10: DB Strict Press
10: DB Cleans
10: Push-ups
10: Burpee Box Jumps
20: American Swings
10: DB Bicep Curls
1 mile Run or 800m Run

Tuesday 6.20.17

When zero f**** were given and you leave your sled


CrossFit WOD

10 Min to Heavy Single Hang
Power Clean

Sled Sprints 10x50m
*Rest 1 Min Between

After Workout Accessory:
IYT Shoulder x 8-10
30 Sec Weighted Chinese Plank
30 Sec L-Seat

Band Ext. Rotation 2×15 Each
Banded Overhead Stretch
Mash/Roll Lat & Shoulder Complex


50: Cals on Bike
20: Heavy Swings
10: Burpees
20: Sit-ups
10: Pull-ups/Ring Rows
1 mile Run or 800m
100: Wall Balls or 50: Wall Balls

Monday 6.19.17


CrossFit WOD

Bring a Friend Day.

Two Person AMRAP20
20 Cal Bike
40 Box Jump 24/20”
30 Cal Bike
60 Kettlebell Swings 53/35lb
40 Cal Bike
80 Burpees
50 Cal Bike
100 Sit-ups



EMOM: 5x
15: Deadlifts

EMOM: 5x
20: Wall Balls

EMOM: 5x
15: Goblet Squats

EMOM: 5x
15: Slam Balls

For Time:
800m Slam Ball Run
800m Row
800m Slam Ball Run

Sunday 6.18.17



CrossFit WOD

Every 2 Minutes for 20 Minutes
5 Power Snatches + 5 Box Jump

We will do skill work or a group stretch if time permits!

Banded Overhead
Roll/Mash IT Band, Calf, Lat

Saturday 6.17.17

Monkey see monkey do


CrossFit WOD

Partner AMRAP35
50 Power Clean + Jerk 135/93lb
50 Bar Muscle Up
50 Front Squats 135/93lb
50 Shoulder to Overhead
50 Bar Over Burpee
50 Cal Row

Switch Partner every 200 M Run

90/90 Stretch
Quad/Hamstring/Glute Mash/Roll


*tentative numbers based on class size*

Team Challenge- partner Up within the team, rest as needed!
1 mile Sandbag Run
200: Calories on the Bike
300: Burpees
200: DB Thrusters
1 mile Sandbag Run

Friday 6.16.17

The only thing Jess is riding these days


CrossFit WOD

Deadlift 1RM

20 Russian Swing
10 KB Press *Each
10 KB Row *Each
Wt. Plank x Max w/45/25

Optional post workout wod:
200m Tire Flip w/partner

Seated Straddle 1 Min Each x2
– Middle
– Left
– Right


The Naughty Nadia

1000m Row
400m Sandbag Run
10: Push-ups
200m Push/Pull Heavy Sled Drags
10: Pull-ups/Ring Rows
1 mile Run